"10 years of Kubernetes" was originally published on kevingimbel.de.

10 years of Kubernetes

10 years ago, on June 6th 2014, the first commit was made to kubernetes.

Quoting the original README file

Kubernetes is an open source reference implementation of container cluster management.

What a wild ride it has been from a reference implementation to the de-facto standard for running containerised workloads!

I think the first time I came into contact with Kubernetes was around 2016 or 2017, when we evaluated different container orchestration frameworks with a customer at Synoa. In the end a partner company decided to use Apache Marathon to run workloads, and we at Synoa chose Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Services) over Kubernetes since no managed Kubernetes was available at the time, and self hosting wasn’t viable.

Since joining AOE in 2023 I started working with Kubernetes every day and also run Kubernetes Workshops (as part of AOE Academy).

I’m glad to be working with Kubernetes now, and I would recommend it for all medium and larger sized teams. It’s an amazing product to build platforms on, and keeps evolving!

Onto the next 10 years! 🎉