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RE: Why blog anonymous

I feel weird about using my full, legal name on the internet. I don’t like the idea of being Google-able. If I Google myself, the first thing that comes up is my work profile, as that is pretty much the only place on the internet that has my full name.

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I’m long beyond the point of being anonymous on the internet. I tend to link all the things I do together and use the same or similar names on all networks (mostly my full name or atarijunge a nick-name I got on Twitter back in the day).

For most parts I do not mind linking things together and being non-anonymous on the web. It also keeps me in check about what I publish, if I don’t want something online to be associated with my name I wouldn’t wanna publish it under a pseudonym as well, given that some clever h4ckerz might one day find the pseudonym and link it back to me.

Before I started using my real name online I used a bunch of different usernames, all lost to the digital void now (sometimes for the better #cringe). I still publish one blog that’s somewhat private-focused and completely cut from work. It’s https://nerdcultu.re/blog/ where I write about all things I like (games, movies, music, books, …) in German. It’s more for me than for others, really. Otherwise I publish everything under my full name and on kevingimbel.de – and I’m fine with that.

So, if you Google my name you’ll probably find a bunch of social media profiles, my linked in, and this very website here (or kevin.gimbel.dev, depending where you read this post :D). For the future I’d like to mix-in even more personal things, after all this website is about me.